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It's Reasoner

Does it deserve full marks? OF COURSE!! Your music is a breath of fresh air! I want everyone to hear your music. You are amazing! Never Stop!!!!!

felt it should have moved a bit more.

I liked your insterment choice, but I felt you could have added a little more bass when the drum was introduced, or made the snare a bit deeper. one other thing... I felt the song as a whole was just a 4 min melody. I just thought it should have moved a bit more. other than that. Good job!

Cuzit responds:

Thanks. Four minute melodies is pretty much all I do though, lol. ;_;

If someone's interested in rapping over it or something I'll try to make it a little more varied while mixing in the vocals with it or something. Thanks for the review.

pretty good...

I kept thinking throughout the entire song that you should break out and like take off. If you know what I mean. I felt it just kept building a little bit of suspense until it ended. nice loop though


Why is there like 20 seconds of silence at the end??? It kinda ruins it for me when i'm just sitting there. But that's small nit-picky things absoulutly incredible

really good

even if it was simple it was still really nice

Please do more Pokemon songs!!!

Reminds me of christmas at 2:46

Every time I listen to you music it makes fall in love with instrumentals all over again. I will go without listening to you for like a month then love your music all over again.

I 100% agree with linkgoff

Realyy great take on an old song. I'm usually not a fan of anything scary... but I have to appreciate what you did. Brilliant man!

first time I've hears you

I have heard of you... but not heard your music, but I heard great things! Your music is great and I really like it! Keep it up man!

Loved it...

The queit bit kinda stops things for a while but other than that I'm adding you to fav artists!

Jebbal responds:

Uh oh. :( Well only for a while

Thanks for the review and add!


I loved the first bit but please PLEASE make the song again with a better drum beat something more interesting. Maybe add a few toms? More than one crash cymbol? And the whole speeding up bit... I thought Why? the begining was so well done, but after that... I really think you have a lot of potential with this song.

I enjoy playing music. I play the alto-sax, guitar, the piano and the drums. unfortunatly I'm mediocare at best with all of those insterments. I love sweet chord progressions rather that intense sweep picking pinched harmonic solos.

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